Kyla D. / Yoga Instructor

"I started to see Quyen last summer when my skin began to break out like never before! Not only did she fix me up and put me back together but she educated me on proper natural skin care. As a Bikram Yoga teacher I sweat A LOT and after completing 9 weeks-98 classes of teacher training I needed some major help with my skin. Quyen took care of me and the next day I woke up with clear skin- no scars- no redness! She is a wizard! I swear by her now and anytime I feel I am having a skin crisis I call Quyen and she is able to book me right away! She will always check up on me after my visit to make sure all is well! She is dedicated,loving,gentle,fun and simply brilliant!"


Francesca B. / SAHM & Baker

"Amazing! I had fews facial before find Aloha skincare and I was never happy about it.
Quyen completely changed my skin!!!!!
And also teach me how to care of my skin everyday and the correct products to use... 
I could not be more HAPPY! 
From now on I will used just Aloha Skincare for my skin since I never trust anyone!!!"


Randy L. / Entrepreneur

"Aloha is my hidden secret to keep me looking young. Quyen has always taken great care of my skin. Im in the mid thirties and she keeps me looking as if I were in the mid twenties again. The place is small and cozy. Quyen has a very soft hand so when she does extractions its not painful at all vs other places.
You should check this place out. Ask for Quyen pronounced Queen."


Samantha L. / Finance Industry

"Eczema oh Eczema - You are my worst enemy! 

I've always had it as a child growing up, but never covered my face the way it did the last year or so. Granted Kimmie already had my benefit of the doubt and vote of confidence as we were friends prior - if you look at HER skin... She's her own greatest advertisement - dewey, bright and baby smooth skin!!

Due to the Eczema - my face was red/peeling/flaky/dry/scaly and painful. Due to the moisturizers and topical steroids I had to use to control it, I had outbreaks of pimple/blackheads/white heads. 

Although we are friends, during our sessions, she did not forewent her professionalism. Inquired in detail about known allergies, recommended products (without being pushy) and most importantly - cared. After every single session, my skin revived a little by little. Even though I can't be treated by Kimmie daily, the products she recommends have proven to be effective and left my skin soft even in my own care. I won't be going to anyone else - I'll tell you that much :)"


Courtney W.

"A few months before my wedding I knew I wanted to get my skin into tip top shape.  What bride wants to walk down the aisle with dull skin?!  Luckily, I've known Quyen since I was a kid and for as long as I can remember, she has the most gorgeous skin.  I went for my first facial three months before the wedding and I noticed a difference with my skin.  It helps that the products smell great!  Friends aside, she was really professional and knowledgable. She took the time to explain each product prior to application.  She even recommended products for me to use at home and she was not pushy with purchasing. 

For any bride that is looking to revive your skin before the big day, you will not be disappointed!  It's been five months since my wedding and I'm still going to Quyen for facials."


Michele S.

"I went to Aloha to get a brazilian wax about a month ago, my first ever. I was extremely nervous and the owner (whose name I forgot) took care of me. Not only did she do an excellent job but made me feel so comfortable and was just as warm and sweet as it gets during the really uncomfortable and awkward procedure. She made the experience of having my cha-cha hairs ripped out of my skin a pleasant experience! Imagine that. The job was $65. I don't know where that falls in the pricing of bikini waxes, if its a lot or a little or average. But I wouldn't take a discount from lifebooker or any of those places after my experience at Aloha, because of the great experience I had. I would highly recommend this place to any of my friends."


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