Cleansers + Toners

Treat your skin to one of our invigorating and refreshing cleansers available in four different texture choices that are formulated to meet the changing needs of your skin. These best cleansers for oily, dry, sensitive, and normal skin allow users to enjoy a thorough deep purifying cleanse that is gentle to the skin, never harsh or drying, and alcohol and sulfate free, all while being rich in plant based cleansing agents.



Moisturize dry skin and restore it back to its natural comfortable balance. Yon-Ka offers a wide range of products that are formulated to be perfect for all skin types from dry all the way to oily, and everywhere in between. Find the perfect match for you skin today, and be on your way to comfortable moisturized skin.



Widely used by spa treatment professionals and recognized worldwide for their efficiency, Yon-Ka’s Specific line provides an expert response to the most difficult skins. These products address issues such as acne, redness, and dark spots. They naturally work to protect and heal the skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion that you can feel proud of.




Experience the most advanced anti-aging cream or serum with our Age Exception range of premium products. Turn back the clock on your skin, through using our specially formulated products designed to reprogram the skin’s youth code, and act on all signs of aging including wrinkles, firming, dark spots, dehydration and radiance.

Eye & Lip Contour.jpg



Yon-Ka’s Eye & Lip Contour products are specifically designed for the most delicate areas of the face. With 3 targeted benefits: Puffiness/dark circles, wrinkles, and nourishing hydration, and 3 unique textures, our complete product line of lip and eye contour creams are customizable allowing users to benefit from its full range of services. The products all cater to the special needs of the Eye & Lip Contours, guaranteeing that you are making the correct natural choice for the special needs of the contours.